On-Demand Webinar Event

Ashling Reflects: Driving Digital Transformation Through Data

Join us for the next exciting episode of Ashling Reflects as hosts Ryan Mac and Ashling Partners' Co-Founder Don Sweeney talk with Ashling Partners' Chief Operating Officer Rak Singh about the transformational powers of leveraging data within your business. 

During this session, the experts explore a webinar by Bain & Company titled: “Lessons Learned from Data-Driven Transformations" and dive deep into how you can redesign your organization's talent, tech, and processes around data.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to deliver a true transformation and make a lasting impact with data and analytics.
  • How to redesign your organization's talent, tech, and processes with data.
  • How to enable your departments to leverage data effectively.
  • The importance of data quality.



Ryan Mac

Ryan Mac 
Senior Director of Client Principals at Ashling Partners


Donald Sweeney
Co-Founder of Ashling Partners



Rak Singh

Chief Operating Officer at Ashling Partners