On-Demand Webinar Event

Ashling Reflects: Fostering Stronger Workplace Relationships with AI

Join Ashling Reflects host Ryan Mac, with co-host and Ashling Partners' Co-Founder Don Sweeney, as they sit down with Ashling Partners' Vice President of People and Experience, Robin Worthing Moon, for another insights-packed episode of Ashling Reflects.  

During this session, the experts explore a video by MIT Sloan titled "How Encouraging AI Use Will Benefit Your Organization” and dive into the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace and how it can be leveraged to create stronger workplace relationships. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to leverage AI to create stronger and more meaningful relationships within organizations.
  • The overall benefits of AI and how it can drive value and efficiency within your business. 
  • Strategies that management can utilize to enhance the employee experience and increase productivity.


Ryan Mac

Ryan Mac 
Senior Director of Client Principals at Ashling Partners


Donald Sweeney
Co-Founder of Ashling Partners



Robin Worthing Moon

Vice President of People Experience at Ashling Partners