On-Demand Webinar

Creating Visibility Across Multiple Automation Platforms

Webinar to be Recorded on September 20, 2022

About This Webinar

Does your organization feel cloudy when it comes to gaining visibility with your automated business? As the use of modular automation platforms continues to grow, linking process data together becomes the key to unlocking your full automation potential.

Join Ashling Partners for an exciting webinar event, as we discuss the method to create visibility across multiple automation platforms with our Head of R&D, Kevin Huggard. During the 30-minute session, we will discuss the role of data visualization in automated processes, common challenges companies face when leveraging more than one automation platform, architecture to create visibility, and how to gain insight into the end-to-end customer experience.


 Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of the importance of data visualization in automated processes

  • Common challenges companies face when handling multiple automation platforms

  • Technologies and methods used to provide process visibility

  • Architecture for incorporating multiple automation platforms in a single process

  • Storytelling of customer experience with process data


Kevin Huggard

Kevin Huggard 
Head of Research and Development at Ashling Partners