Pre-Recorded Webinar Event

Driving Innovation with Intelligent Automation: Composability Edition

Tuesday, May 17th at 10:30 AM CST

About this Webinar:

As application development has evolved from packaged applications in project and product style delivery to composed applications in a more catalog/marketplace delivery model, the intelligent automation space is applying this concept to automation activities, libraries, templates, and solutions to speed delivery and simplify support and enable re-usability.

What you will learn: In this 40-minute webinar, we will cover:

  1. Context/Baseline understanding of the concept of composability and how it can be applied to automation
  2. Examples of a composability framework for intelligent automation and a demonstration of how it has been applied to real-world use cases
  3. Understanding what attributes best make up re-useable components

Event Speakers: 


Charlie Jacoby
Managing Director at Ashling Partners


Kevin Huggard

Head of Research & Development at Ashling Partners