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    Visit the AP Sky Lounge in the Cube, located next to the Ashling Partners booth, D07

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    Visit MVP Flight School in the Cube, located next to the Ashling Partners booth, D07
    (Daily from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM) 

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    Check out the Tour de AP - Day 1 Round Table 

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    Check out the Tour de AP - Day 2 Round Table

Take Off With Us at Ashling Palooza

September 27th, 8 pm - 11 pm PDT at Harrahs Piano Bar 

The FORWARD sessions may have ended for the day, but the excitement doesn’t stop there. Take off with us at Ashling Palooza, sponsored by Indico Data, for the (un)official after-party of FORWARD 5. Enjoy your favorite drink, a bite to eat, and live music, all while connecting with fellow automation enthusiasts. 

Don't miss this opportunity to earn your first stamp for your Ashling Partners' Passport and be entered to win 2 new pieces of an Away Luggage Set.



Join us at the world's largest gathering of automation experts!

It’s part celebration, part automation academy, part community gathering. It’s a place to get the skills you need. A source of the inspiration that fuels transformation. A way to connect with the like-minded innovators who are driving automation forward. 


Thousands of attendees

Hundreds of events

2.5 Days of Celebration

The Ashling Line-Up


Kick Back and Relax in the AP Sky Lounge

Connect with Ashling Partners experts in the private AP Sky Lounge. 

Visit the AP Basecamp at Booth D07

Stop by our booth to fast-track your way to paradise and earn all 4 stamps on your digital passport!

Attend the MVP Flight School

Request a live demo or instructor-led UiPath training with our Ashling experts.

Daily from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Driving Organizational Efficiency and Process Transformation with Process Mining

During this session, UiPath Product Managers introduce 2022.10, a landmark release for UiPath Process Mining, and together with Customers discuss real-world use-cases of Process Mining. You will find out how Process Mining empowers organizations to understand business processes end-to-end and how to keep KPIs at the most optimized state.

Thursday 29th 2:00 PM - 2:25 PM PDT
Speaker: Tyler Safranek

AI Practitioners Panel: Inspiring (and Cautionary) Tales from the Front Lines of Intelligent Automation

Tap into the hard-earned, real-life wisdom of this all-star panel of AI solution creators and practitioners featuring Ashlings' own, Alp Uguray. 

Thursday 29th 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM PDT 
Speaker: Alp Uguray 

Tour De AP: Join Us for Lunch at Our Round Tables

Day One - September 28th 

Automation in Healthcare

End-to-End Automation in Healthcare to drive common industry corporate objectives and better member/patient experience.

Speaker: Jeff Hatfield

Automation in Energy

End-to-End Automation in energy to drive common industry corporate objectives.

Speaker: Michael Kroboth

Automation in Manufacturing

End-to-End Automation in Manufacturing to drive common industry corporate objectives and better supplier and employee experiences.

Speaker: Donald Sweeney 

Automation in Commercial Real Estate and Insurance

End-to-End Automation in Commercial Real Estate to drive common industry corporate objectives and better broker and client experiences.

Speaker: Ryan Mac

Day Two - September 29th 

End-to-End Automation Experiences

Companies need the ability to automate in various environments and with more than one technology.  Join this roundtable to discuss the various automation capabilities needed to take on the most simple back office task as well as the most critical, long-running front office process. 

Speaker: Ryan Mac

Low Code and the Value it Adds to Your Automation Program

User experience matters.  The more pervasive automation becomes, means more interaction with more stakeholders that expect a better experience.  Learn how your people, your clients, and your partners will be more willing to adopt automation with the introduction of well-design low code applications.

Speaker: David Kroll

Process Discovery: The Great Bottleneck and the Great Opportunity

The more we automate the easy stuff, the harder it is to find the simple use cases.  Discuss how a hybrid approach between traditional lean process improvement techniques and process mining can drive ongoing discipline in your program where opportunities never dry up.

Speaker: Alp Uguray 

Process Mining & Automation: Combining Diagnostics with Action

Process mining without the ability to act on the recommendation is academic.  But the value of Process Mining cannot be denied.  Discuss how organizations are applying process mining to their core business operations, and combing the capability with automation.


Speaker: Paul Finley