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The Future of Finance On Demand Webinar

Step Into the Future of Finance

Finance leaders are always asked to do more with less or minimize headcount growth while supporting organization growth. At the same time, finance teams are expected to handle emerging regulatory requirements (think ESG) and provide more meaning and predictive analysis of an ever-growing data set.

Traditionally investing large amounts of time and resources into transactional (ERP) systems that promise to be the silver bullet has been the focus. But let’s take a look at 2022, as it’s time to reconsider that approach and start adapting an automation mind frame. This webinar will discuss the maturity, successes, engaging the workforce to help, emerging technologies, and why it’s time to embrace (and own) the hyperautomation programs.

  • Originally presented on November 10th, 2021

Hosted By: 

James Wilson

James Wilson

Advisory, Finance and Accounting at Ashling