On-Demand Webinar Event

Ashling Reflects: Key Factors for Successful Intelligent Automation Implementation

Webinar Released on November 30th, 2023

Join Ashling Reflects hosts Ryan Mac and Don Sweeney as they delve into the world of Intelligent Automation (IA) and its transformative potential for businesses. They’ll be joined by special guest Gnana Teja Peddi, Senior ML and IDC Consultant, at Ashling Partners.

In this illuminating session, our speakers will reflect on a recent video from DeepFest 2023, “How AI Boosts Business.” They’ll discuss the power of IA, its applications, and the critical success factors for a smooth implementation. 

Key Takeaways

  • The four core capabilities of IA
  • How to harness IA for efficiency, customer satisfaction, and more
  • The critical success factors and strategies for implementing IA
  • How to synergize capabilities for end-to-end automation


Ryan Mac

Ryan Mac
Senior Director of Client Principals

Don Sweeney Headshot

Don Sweeney


Gnana Teja Peddi
Senior ML and IDC Consultant