On-Demand Webinar Event

Level Up Your Finance and Accounting Department with IA

About this Webinar:

The era of finance and accounting professionals focusing solely on finance and accounting is over. The complex landscape of finance tools and processes will require professionals that can master the technical skills of finance, accounting, process automation, and system interactions.

The talent that can truly bridge these skills is scarce and becoming more and more expensive. On top of that, automation of lower value and easily defined tasks will require those who can manage and implement changes to those automations with the finance and accounting mindset. A well-established automation program will mitigate the risk of these future events by turning your accounting and finance professionals into technologists and enabling them to future-proof the knowledge drain as employees turn over.

What you will learn: In this 45-minute webinar, we will cover:

  1. The future demand for finance and accounting labor will require stronger technical skills.
  2. The demand and cost for professionals that can master these technical skills will be scarce and continue to increase.
  3. The need for an integrated workforce between technology and humans will allow us to address these eventualities by a) upskilling and retaining current talent and b) limiting the replacement cost for future employees through documented, defined, and automated processes that enable digital and human workforce integration.

Event Speakers: 

James Wilson

James Wilson
Advisory, Finance & Accounting at Ashling Partners

Jenny Kray headshot

Jenny Kray
CFO at Ashling Partners