On-Demand Webinar Event

Process Mining: Scale with Purposeful Outcomes

Webinar Recorded on Tuesday, January 5, 2023

Does your organization struggle to identify its recurring pain points? It’s essential to understand how to visualize and quantify the value behind your pain points in order to scale your organization effectively.

Join Ashling Partners’ experts for this 30-minute session, where we will explore how the capabilities of process mining – combined with the power of automation – provide your organization with the tools and resources necessary to achieve profitable scalability. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to isolate and analyze pain points in an automation program

  • Learn how to identify value and scale your existing automation program with process mining 

  • Learn how to ensure your automation programs have a seat at the strategic table  

  • Learn how process mining cultivates a cohesive IT landscape within your organization

  • Learn from real customer use cases 


Our Speakers:

 Dereck Garner Headshot

Dereck Garner
Process Intelligence Consultant

Paul Finley Headshot

Paul Finley
Vice President Process Transformation