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Process Mining & Hyperautomation Webinar

Watch this live recorded webinar to understand what Process Mining is, why it matters, and what the leading solutions are doing to help organizations improve their processes.

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Presentation Title: Process Mining & Hyperautomation 

Length of Webinar: 48 Minutes

Originally Presented: April 26, 2020 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Process Mining will be at the core of aligning hyper automation with process improvements for years to come.  Many organizations are challenged with selecting the right process to invest automation technologies because most organizations want to jump to the ‘to be’ process without much effort around the ‘as is’.  But, in order to ensure a process is worth the investment, the ‘as is’ state is critical to understand in order to drive standardization and drive out process bottlenecks.  Other organizations spend too much time on the current state.  Process Mining enables organizations to balance the rigor of current state understanding with a method to do so efficiently leveraging a technology-driven approach.


Our Speaker:

Tyler Safranek

Senior Consultant, Process Discovery, Ashling Partners