On-Demand Webinar Event

Contact Center Reimagined: AI Augments, not Replaces, Human Potential

Available on February 8, 2024 at 11:00am CST

Dive into the future of customer service, where AI isn't a threat, but a powerful tool for human-powered success.

This webinar explores how the next generation contact center will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize both customer and employee experiences. Forget about robots replacing agents – instead, imagine smart virtual assistants as collaborators, freeing agents from repetitive tasks to focus on building meaningful relationships and tackling complex issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI as Your Partner, Not Your Replacement: Discover how AI takes over routine inquiries, empowering agents to tackle the human touchpoints that matter most.
  • From Transaction Manager to Tolerance Manager: Learn the new role of agents as AI overseers, ensuring smooth AI interactions and stepping in when needed.
  • The Human Edge in the AI Era: Master communication and emotional intelligence skills to navigate customer trust and acceptance of AI-powered interactions.

Join us and:

  • Uncover the secrets of a future-proof contact center.
  • Unlock the power of AI to elevate customer satisfaction.
  • Empower your agents to thrive in the dynamic landscape of AI-powered service.

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Ellwood Neuer

Intelligent Automation Advisory, Contact Center Ashling Partners



James Wilson

Advisory Lead, Ashling Partners